Napoleon’s favorite Courvoisier L’Esprit now available in crystal decanter


A blend of rare and vintage cognac, Courvoisier L’Esprit is rich and smoky liquor. Among the various vintages blended in it, some are from the age of Napoleon. This rare cognac is available in an amazing handcrafted crystal decanter to reveal its royalty and rich history. Perfect maturation has given a complex and rich taste to this liquor which is flavored with coffee beans, cinnamon, fruit cakes, honey and dry apricot. It is found that Napoleon was a true lover of this cognac. The rich and powerful flavor leaves a long lasting sensation to the taste buds of all cognac lovers.

The maturity and taste of this cognac are something for which all cognac lovers crave for. Its rarity added with the elegance of its decanter has made it the one of the most expensive cognacs on this planet. This decanter, holding a 200 year old taste and history, was sold for an amazing price of $5,000.


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