Most Expensive Apartment :: One Hyde Park


Owning a dream home is something we all dream of even when we are not sleeping and if it is something rare and classy then you can be sure that it will be worth all the money you spend.

One Hyde Park the exclusive apartment complex in London, England brings your ambition for a dream home to reality as with its 4 exclusive penthouse apartments fabricated by Candy & Candy while the architectural genius of Richard Rogers has given these apartments a totally awesome and stunning look.

Other than the mind blowing penthouse apartments this apartment complex also features 80 specially designed apartments which simultaneously enjoys access to spas, and squash courts. Here you can spend your leisure time tasting some of the best quality wines.

This apartment complex is everything that we dream of, to have a good life and great memories. It is a piece of luxury and heavenly pleasure that everyone craves to own.

The construction of this entire apartment complex will be over by 2010. This building will be worth almost 2.50995 billion US$ (1.5 billion pounds). The most expensive penthouse in this complex costs $200 million and the more affordable units are priced at $40 million.


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  1. I wonder how strong demand for these buildings are? Here in NY you can get luxury spaces at a fraction of this cost.

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