More on the Chateaux Margaux 1991

chateaux margauxAfter reading more about the Chateaux Margaux 1991 I learned that 91 was actually not a good year. There was a spring frost and this is bad news when it hits after the buds have sprouted. So if this was one of Bordeaux “feeble” years, I can’t wait to taste a good one!

Clive Owen at says that 91/92/93 were three bad years in a row

“Not since the 1930s has Bordeaux had three poor vintages in a row. While it is fair to say that “poor” is relative these days, in that the wines are not undrink-able, the results from these rainy vintages are dull, short and feeble. These three years are not for laying down. There are one or two pleasant surprises, but only in relation to the rest, not to 1990 or 1989, or to 1995 and 1996, even 1994.”

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