Miniature World Tour: Tobu World Square, Japan

Over 100 historical relics and architecture from 21 countries; 42 UNESCO world heritage sites. If you’ve got world tour dreams and a Japan budget, you have to visit Tobu World Square theme park in Tobu, Japan, where you’ll get all this and more at 1/25 size.

At Tobu World Square, it took 5 years for artisans to create the miniature reproductions of world historical sites like the Sphinx, the Parthenon, and the Great Wall of China. No two of the 140,000 miniature residents looks alike.

Being a theme park, Tobu World Square has its share of shopping and restaurants. The park is open year-round at a cost of 2,500 Yen for adults, a little over $22, and about half that for children. This means that you’ll probably have enough left over to go out and compare the real life Japanese sites with their miniature versions in the park.

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