Mezza9: The Taste Of Singapore


Situated in the heart of Singapore, this very stylish restaurant features all the thrills of a busy open kitchen. However, it is warm enough for a nice romantic dinner, with some warm classic wooden furniture and soothing lights. The most delightful part of this eatery is that one can feed on most luscious and contemporary food and can visualize the running city. It is a real treat for the eyes.

The instigator behind the beautiful interior of the restaurant is the internationally renowned Japanese design firm, Super Potato. The place displays nine different dining experiences in a very modern day setting. Chef Stig Drageid, fulfills his part brilliantly by preparing innovative dishes with his own style and adding the touch of the taste of the diners.

This place has it all, starting from vivacious tastes, sounds and sights of western grill to sushi bar, the Thai kitchen to a delicatessen, patisserie and martini bar. The diners can surely look ahead of having their tang buds meticulously seduced and contented.


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