Meet Two More New Vagablond Contributors

We’re proud to announce two new Contributors have joined Vagablond this week. One lives in the US and one is passing through Thailand. They are just part of our ever-growing list of writers who love to travel –– and love even more to write about the food they’re eating, the wine they’re inbibing and the world they’re experiencing.

1) Nilay Gandhi: Like me, Nilay is a full-time marketing writer. But that’s where the similarity ends. First moved by the wines of Oregon and Champagne and always consumed by writing, he publicly launched the popular 750 mL wine blog in January 2005. Resisting the urge to specialize in any one region, he dedicates his time to wine interests spanning all regions of the world and uses 750 mL to catalog some of his most moving experiences. He credits his wine education, in large part, to The Corkscrew Wine Emporium in Urbana, Illinois, where he is now based.

2) Clare O’Donoghue: This Irish-born lassie is a recovering backpacker who has cast her eye on almost 40 countries, unloading her wardrobe for extended periods in four different continents. Having graduated in Communications, she first dabbled in the black arts of marketing and P.R, before her guilt turned her to charity work in Kosovo, Peru and her current base of Thailand, as well as her home town of Dublin, Ireland. When not worrying about getting sand in her bikini, Clare enjoys winning at scrabble, getting her nails done, trying to figure out David Lynch movies and guzzling Argentinian Malbec.

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