Quality Cal-Med Cuisine: Quince, San Francisco

One of the hottest, most intimate restaurants in San Francisco’s fashionable Pacific Heights district, even when it’s foggy overhead, is Quince. It opened early this year and features a blend of California and Mediterranean cuisines. The chef is Michael Tusk, who formerly worked at Oliveto and world-famous Chez Panisse in Berkeley. One review called it “gorgeous and quaint.” Another said it was “delicious and perfect.” Robert Downey, Jr. and Jake Gyllenhaal ate there a few nights ago. (I used to live a few blocks from here before I moved to the ‘burbs. My loss.)

The menu has three courses: appetizers, pasta or rice (similar to an Italian “Primo Piatto”), and the meat or fish course. Make room for dessert, too, because everything seems to be quite fantastico.

Read a review from About.com.

Quince Restaurant
1701 Octavia Street (at Bush)
San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone for reservations: (415) 775-8500.

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