Make A Better Breakfast Faster :: Batter Blaster Organic Pancake & Waffle Batter

Sean O’Connor is a San Francisco restaurant owner. He’s also an advertising client of mine. He invented a cool little can of organic pancake and waffle batter called Batter Blaster. This product was front page news in the SF Chronicle today because it’s now selling in Costco, as well as high-end Bay Area grocery stories like Whole Foods and Andronico’s, plus a few markets in Arizona and the Pacific Northwest.

Batter Blaster is a great product. I know. I’ve tried it. Because all the ingredients are already in the can, it makes it easier to make waffles or pancakes. Just shake, point, blast and cook. With no mess. No fuss. No clean up. Watch the TV Demo at the Batter Blaster Website. (Shameless plug: I wrote this :60 TV script)

And read the story in SF Gate: “Inventor Says He Has A Batter Idea”.

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