M at the Fringe: A Memorable Abode


M at the Fringe, located in Hong Kong, is a masterpiece of its own. If someone has to peril a guess as to what the ‘M’ here are for, adjectives like marvelous, magnificent, or magical may come. However, Michelle Garnaut, the owner says, ‘M’ stands Memorable. M at the Fringe, is a classic piece of Hong Kong, it is a recurrent darling.
This place shares dwelling with the Fringe club Theatre, has a pottery workshop, three exhibition spaces and a delightful roof garden. Adam Bantock, the chef of M at the fringe, fulfills his task brilliantly. There is no gastronomy classification, this place, has it all. It prides in serving “good, honest food”. Serves everything, starting from, European to Scandinavian, and, Mediterranean.
The inside of M at the Fringe, is romantically set up with artsy furnishings and Paolo Dindo murals radiate a spanking new contemporary feel. Thus, contradicting its 18-year-old subsistence.
Via: luxury-insider.com

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