Luanda a City of Angola – The Newest Most Expensive City?


In the recent years, Luanda a city of Angola is considered as the most expensive city of the world. It replaced the City like Tokyo, Japan. Considering the cost of living, a survey tells that it is the city with the highest cost of living across the world. There are various other reasons that make a city one of the most expensive cities of the world, cost of living is just one of them.

In comparison with the almost 214 cities of the world on different aspects that reach up to 200 items such as transportation, food, housing and some of the other essential everyday requirement to lead a normal life and help the employers to decide the salary of their employees etc. It is the first African city that has entered into the list of the most expensive cities of the world. Poor populaces of the city have to rely on the newly built infrastructure of the city making it costlier.


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