Lots of Green for A Pair of Blue :: $100 Lucky Jeans for Wealthy Teens

When I was getting by Back to School clothing a few decades ago, we’d go to a couple of stores in San Francisco’s Stonestown Mall, buy a few pair of Levi’s, a few dress shirts, maybe a pair of shoes, and we were all set. But that was way before MTV, “The O.C.,” and “My Super Sweet 16.”

Because of the fashion statement made by the silver-spooned, spoiled teens on these shows, and the endless bombardment of advertising messages in print, TV and online for designer labels, today’s teens are going Back to School way cool. They’re opting to save their babysitting money and plunk down $100 or more for Lucky Brand Jeans, even though they’re still buying $10 Ts at Target.

In fact, the International Council of Shopping Centers expects B2S sales to top $27 billion during 2007, up 5% vs. 2006. That’s a lot of closets full of upscale jeans, bags, sweaters and shoes!

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  1. Wow, I saw a pair (many actually) of Lucky Brand jeans in a Marshalls over the weekend for $29.99, knew I should have bought a pair. ;^)

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