Burton’s Grill :: Boston, Massachusetts

burtonsgrill1There a zillion places you can sit down and have an enjoyable meal. To me it is always a combination of elements that make it a memorable meal. I had the occasion to dine at Burtons Grill and it turned out to be one of those evenings where all the elements fell into place. It is a few steps away from Fenway Park in Boston and has lovely atmosphere that is understated, but elegant with a retro twist.

One of the highlights was certaily the food. I had the Land & Sea which was a perfectly prepared 8oz tendeloin paired with bronzed scallops. Another perk was we were waited on by a dead ringer for Eddie Cahill (Tag on Friends). The menu has a nice selection and I would classify it as upscale american.

The key lime pie was built up by our delicious waiter so we tried. I tell you tag knows his stuff. It was abit denser than I expected (almost like the consitency of a cheescake) but with a very strong key-lime kick that was just right.

If you’re in any way in the vicinity of Boston and ahve about $60+ burning a whole in your pocket thatn give it a try. Oh hell, you should save up and make sure you visit Burton’s Grill.

Burtons Grill
1363 Boylston Street, Boston
617.236.2236 | Website

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