Live The Grandness In Sofitel Amsterdam The Grand


Travel and break in style…Hotel Sofitel Amsterdam The Grand, extends five star luxuries in an exclusive Amsterdam, historical ambiance. Endowed with French stylishness and magnificence, the hotel welcomes an array of visitors, from the stylish Amsterdam influential to majestic brides to famous international movie stars. In each of the rooms, the restaurant, gorgeous inner garden and the halls, poetry and history enthralls and seduces every person into visiting.

Over the course of the centuries, the wonderful Amsterdam landmark has been augmented by innumerable special events and, during the progressions, has also attained incredible gastronomic fame. The school of grandmaster Escoffier, the founder of international culinary arts, specifically influences the cuisine. Famous for authentic French cuisine and award-winning wine list, the Grand Restaurant is the perfect delight of the Hotel. The Grand is the epitome of a location where travelling and sojourning will for all time be fashionable.

While maintaining the soul of a momentous site, Sofitel Amsterdam The Grand offers well appointed extravagant rooms and luxurious suites. Each room has its own unique style, with enchanting views of the canals, the courtyard, and the inner garden. The Sofitel’s “MyBed” sleeping idea, with its mishmash of feathers, guarantees a heavenly night’s sleep.

Sofitel Amsterdam The Grand has a very knowledgeable Concierge team having members of the celebrated ‘Les Clefs d’Or’. Head Concierge is Paul Westerink.


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