Live Life Queen Size with Diva


Appreciating the top quality liquors is something a connoisseur will know best. You know your vodka depending on the occasions. If you are conscious of your class then you will surely adore the idea of seeing your guests walk across the rooms with an elegant glass full of the most exclusive and classy vodkas in your collection.

Following on the footsteps of Russian Stolichnaya Elit and the French Jean-Marc XO, the new craze among the vodka lovers is the Diva. In fact, Diva boasts of being the most expensive vodka currently. Each bottle can cost you any thing between $70.00 and $1,060,000.

Surely, this sounds astounding for vodka but what adds to its price are the semi precious stones coming with the precious vodka. Moreover, the refined vodka is filtered extensively with Nordic birch charcoal and finally through a sand of crushed diamonds it is passed.

Vodkas in numerous parties are the pace setters currently as more and more people prefer the smooth taste of vodka to leave a signature style amidst the guests.

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