Aged Rum in Barbados

Barbados is the place you should visit if you want to taste some great dark-aged rum
The stuff is said to be associated with pirate legends. It acts as the liquid energy for a perfect Caribbean vacation. This spirit has been distilled by using molasses. Oak barrels are used to age this stuff. You can try out the double-distilled ones, which are aged up to 20 years. Try these on piña colada mix, on Coke, or on the rocks. You will love the dark complexity of this drink.

If you thought that all kind of good liquors use nasty-weather climates for distillation then you are wrong. Barbados makes use of its cheerful tropical weather to distill the liquor. When you are visiting the island, make surer to step into any of the rum shacks. If you want to enjoy the drinks back at home then you can enjoy similar tastes by shopping online.


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