Live At The Casino: The Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino Las Vegas, NV

The only way to describe the housing situation in Las Vegas is to light a stick of dynamite next to your ear. It is a boom of at least that magnitute. Most of the development is happening around the perimeter of the city, but in the plans for the Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino are highrise condominiums overlooking the Las Vegas strip with studios starting at $650,000.

These aren’t condos just anywhere; they’re right on top of the casino. You can take the elevator down and drop your paycheck at the craps table right before dinner. But hold on to your credit cards and college funds, the building won’t be completed until late 2007. The good news is that they’re taking deposits, and when you see how quickly every square inch of living space is being snatched up you’ll probably come with a check in hand.

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