Le Meurice :: Extreme Makeover

We were given the heads up by the folks over at Globorati that Le Meurice, “the first arrondisement’s number-one address since 1835, is enlisting the services of Philippe Starck, the design guru whose style virtually defined the “boutique hotel? concept of the 1990s.”

If the website depicts even a fraction of the actual regal elegance that currently exists I can’t wait to see what Starck has up his sleeves.

The legendary Louis XVI-style hotel in the shadows of the Champs-Élysées has hosted celebrities and royalty from the Duchess of Windsor and President Roosevelt to Orson Welles and Elizabeth Taylor. Salvador Dali, who made Le Meurice his pied à terre for a month a year, once demanded a herd of sheep be brought to his suite, and then proceeded to shoot them (with blank bullets).
Yet the arrival of Philippe Starck, who has been commissioned to inject his singular brand of chic minimalism into the grande dame of Parisian hotels may be deemed yet more radical still. Globerati

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