‘Le Billionaire Champagne’: The Ultimate Taste


If you are a passionate lover of wine and looking for something pricey and worth drinking, then here is ‘Le Billionaire Champagne’. Leon Verres group has created the most expensive champagne of the world. This 2.75 million dollar Salmanazar bottle of holds nine liters and is the most expensive bottle of Champagne of all times. A designer dress sheaths the Leon Verres’ champagne bottle festooned with several hundred glittering diamonds and Shapka, a Russian fur cap.

Only five limited bottles of champagne will be available and will be permitted ‘Piece of history’. It also has the miniature version available for $2,750. Leon Verres says, “After years of hard work finally it is done! Finally I’m having my “Le Billionaire Champagne” in my hands and I am completely overwhelmed. Still a few years ago I would not have dared to dream of being the creator of the most expensive champagne of all times someday.”

Once you open the bottle, the fragrance of ‘Le Billionaire Champagne’ pleases the person with full essence of fruity honey. Whitethorn and vanilla restocks the flavor with a flowery note. The final paradigm of ‘Le Billionaire Champagne’ will be accessible to the world within reach of the Le Billionaire Champagne World Tour and will be sold at an auction for a noble cause.

Via: therichtimes.com

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