Latino Taste with Vernaccia di San Gimignano’s


As they say, the grapes from Etruscans bestowed the taste to Vernaccia di San Gimignano’s wine. In fact, the Renaissance Vernaccia from the vines of San Gimignano have successfully sustained their repute as the finest among the breeds of white wine.

As a token of perfection to the world, Italy ensured that this wine earns the reputation of the DOC status and so it did in 1966.
Actually Vernaccia is a red wine made out of white grapes, its crispy taste is something that one can feel on their taste buds for quite some time, and this golden colored wine simply transcends your party into a different era of traditionalism and elegance. The three types of Vernaccia are Tradizionale, Fiore, and Carato adding to the impressive range of Vernaccia family.

Tradizionale with its fruity taste is best when used with local Italian gourmet food. One can also use the Tradizionale with Chinese cuisine. Fiore tastes best when served with steamed fish while Carato with the notes of vanilla goes great with white meats.


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