Latest Nugget of Miami: The Mondrain


Mondrain South Beach, situated in the most adored transatlantic location, Miami, is one of the very latest hotels from Mondrain, which was unveiled late last year. What is so enchanting about this place is that it has all the best of Miami in it.
Marcel Wanders, the revolutionary designer, is the mastermind behind this gorgeous and stunning hotel. Keeping the super-modern Disney princess in mind, The Mondrain has been created with her as the central theme. Therefore, you can find some sensual as well as some classy touches.
The ultra-stylist rooftop of Mondrain, The Sunset Lounge, offers an immaculate view over Biscayne Bay and the scenic colorful skies of downtown Miami. The silken white walls in the lobby stick out seductively alongside the futuristically elaborate staircase. Whilst the guestrooms have rounded space-age bathroom fittings, it matches with the fragile flock wallpapers really well.


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