Lalique Cire Perdue Decanter – Store Your Wine In These Luxury Decanters

Iconic luxury brands Lalique and The Macallan have created a unique decanter, which is formed by the ancient “cire perdue” or “lost wax” technique. The Macallan in Lalique Cire Perdue decanter is fashioned to celebrate the 150th René Lalique’s birth. It includes a 64 years old Macallan single malt whisky. The decanter has been designed at Lalique’s Design Studio in Paris, according to a ship’s decanter of the 1820’s, the decade in which The Macallan was established.

Lalique’s designer felt the form lent itself perfectly to the brilliantly crafted landscape of The Macallan estate by the river Spey, in northeast Scotland. The lost wax procedure is a very old practice initially created to cast large pieces in bronze. After first modeling a piece in wax, it is covered with plaster and then sent to the oven to bake the clay while the wax melts. Finally, melt crystal is dispensed in the emptied shape.


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  1. Lalique has one of the most beautiful collection of Carrafes de decantation I know. I could buy them all. It is something we lost as tradition but there is a revival for that. People drink less but prefers quality. A decanter is then needed.
    thanks for the article.

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