Lakes and Mountains welcome you with arms outstretched at the Lake Okareka Lodge


Located at the end of the secluded peninsular region of Rotorua in New Zealand with only three gorgeously decorated luxurious suites, Lake Okareka Lodge by lebua boasts of offering a splendid unspoiled natural environment with outstanding luxury to its guests. It is a lake house covering 657sq.m. Its top floor is occupied by the most exquisite suite in the lodge, the Lake Okareka Suite, which offers the most enjoyable large spa bath and a spacious lounge. The guests of this five star lodge are sheltered peacefully amidst the private sandy beaches with the lush of cool water. The picturesque beauty of the surroundings is enhanced by the mountainous landscape comprising of beautiful flora and fauna. The lake and mountainous vistas couple with the privacy of the lodge offer the guests a wonderful environment to relax and revel the quietude of nature. An extensive range of cuisine is prepared by internationally famous chefs and this reveals that even desolation can offer you the best of what you wish for.


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