Lake view stay with the essence of edible for a and mineral springs at Lake House


Set in an idyllic setting along the shores of Lake Daylesford, Lake House is a tranquil destination surrounded by abundant gardens of herbs, edible floras and fruit trees. The waterfront garden is beautified with myriad of selected artworks and sculptures. A number of mineral springs bubble out in the region starting from one at the doorstep of the heavenly retreat. Keeping a contrast with the surrounding, the elegancy of the retreat is maintained keeping a perfect balance with the rural lifestyle and the pleasures of sophistication. 33 rooms and suites are there to accommodate the guests either in a waterfront setting or in a lodge setting. The walls of each of these havens are washed with eye soothing colors and then edition prints and real canvasses have been reflected on the walls. All the 33 accommodations are spacious and are designed to offer lavish and chic lifestyle to the guests here. The guests in the Waterfront Suites and Rooms enjoy the blissful beauty of the lake through the private terraces and manicured gardens.


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