Lake Austin Spa Gets Straight A’s in the Three R’s of Spa Living: Austin, TX

Relaxing, Refreshing and Rejuvenating just doesn’t come any easier than this. With only 40 rooms and a caring staff of over 200, y’all be spoiled beyond belief at the award-winning (and deservedly so) Lake Austin Spa Resort.

Why? After just 2 days of pampering, I was as unstressed as a newborn filly. I was lovin’ the Texas-we-like–it-bigger 25,000 square foot spa facility with 21 treatment rooms (9 are located in the great outdoors,) so there was none of this having to book weeks ahead for a decent time slot. The only problem was trying to choose from the smorgasbord of over 100 services.

Where is it? The Texas Hill Country spa, located just 30 minutes outside of Austin, nestles right up to the sparkling, pristine lake, providing the setting for many fun-filled water classes, such as sculling, kayaking, or water skiing. I was there in December and if the weather could get any better than the 65 degrees with no humidity, I’d have to hire someone to help me enjoy it.

Who comes there? Mostly business women (I only saw one token male during my stay) who know that the cost of complete relaxation and wellness is… priceless. (In other words, this place is not for someone who is counting their pennies.)Although luxurious, the ambiance is one of casual elegance with an unpretentious, friendly vibe. Translation: no women with big hair-only BIG Smiles.

Rooms? The owners want you to feel like you are spending the night at your best friend’s lake house. I only wish I had friends with such good taste! The comfy, sun-lit rooms are filled with thoughtful amenities: signature lavender bath products, the world’s coziest robes, (some people even wore them to dinner,) private outdoor seating area, soaking tub….and the list goes on. After a perfect night’s sleep bundled in their ultimate-thread count and down covered bed, I was a contented as a gopher in soft dirt.

Activities? Classes are held in a spacious new room, complete with awe-inspiring lake views. Fitness classes run the gamut from the aerobic spinning, weight-training, and kickboxing workouts to the more “zen�? offerings of Pilates, Nia and Tai Chi.

Night offerings include many special events and talks given by lifestyle experts on a variety of topics such as nutrition, design, crafts, even Texas Hold’em poker.

Cuisine? Lake Austin Spa’s kitchen is where “healthy�? and “delicious�? hook up to offer some mighty fine tasting vittles. The dining room menu has a variety of innovative, wholesome, low-fat choices, and every item includes the calorie count. For breakfast I ordered (with typical Texan largess) a spicy green chili and cheese omelette and a side-order of gingerbread pancakes. At dinner you’ll select from a four-course menu that might feature a regional favorite such as Coffee-Crusted Sirloin with Jalapeno Red-Eye Gravy, accompanied by a colorful salad and vegetable, fresh from their on-site organic garden. Thoughtfully, there is one “friendship�? table in the dining room reserved for singles who don’t want to eat alone, or else meals can be delivered to your room-which is a nice touch if you’ve just had a relaxing massage.

Pros? Extra credit points for the outdoor Yoga deck, and the indoor Junior Olympic –length lap pool. But every guest I spoke to there said they keep returning because of the incredible staff that all exude southern hospitality and bone-deep niceness. Oh, and I can’t forget the complete booklet of Spa Services. Just reading it now puts a smile on my face as I remember my “Texas Starry Night�? massage. But for me, the best pro is that wine is available at dinner!

Cons? (See rates) Also,this might not be the optimal choice for a hard-core hiker.

Rates? Rates start at $1,455 for a three-night stay, double occupancy, which includes meals and classes. Spa treatments are additional. (But check for special package rates that are offered periodically)

W: Lake Austin Spa Resort.
A: 1705 South Quinlan Park Road, Austin, Texas 78732
T: 1-800-847-5637

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  1. I went to Lake Austin a few years ago, and found the experience as wonderful as you did.

    I especially appreciated the individual consultation to help plan my workout activities. I had been away from structured classes for so long that I was a little concerned about my abilities and fitness level. The consultation helped me realize that I was quite able to participate in the things that interested me.

    I was there during the winter (February, I think), and found the weather mild enough to enjoy some outdoor time. Can’t wait for a return visit!

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