Krug Clos d’Ambonnay, the first new wine from Krug

champ_kru1995v3The ultimate name in the world of luxury champagne brands comes from the small rural area of Ambonnay where Pinot Noir, the best variety of grapes are produced in a small vineyard of 0.685 hectares to produce Krug Clos d’Ambonnay. After Rose, this is the first new wine produced by Krug in these 25 years with a 100 percent Pinot Noir concentration. The true characteristic refinement and structure of this elegant champagne is achieved by the expertise craftsmanship of Krug, ageing the wine for years in oak barrels. The intense dark copper gold color with a creamy and rich texture leaves a strong essence of ripe fruits and berries. A perfect blend of fullness and freshness on its palate with lingering flavor and an elegant finish offers a distinctive taste of red berries, candied spices and grilled almonds. This bottle of champagne is essential for any exclusive collection of a true wine lover. Each bottle of this luxury brand is priced at $3,500.


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