Just Say “Spa”: Fonteverde Spa Resort, Tuscany

Just Say This may be one of the world’s most beautiful spas. Just 90 minutes from Florence and 125 miles from Rome, Fonteverde Spa Resort is the perfect alternative to renting a vacation villa in the Tuscany area of Italy. Situated in the majestic rolling hills just south of Siena, people have been enjoying this venue since the 17th century for losing a few pounds or just getting utterly pampered.

Programs start from about $1,250 US per week, plus the cost of Fonteverde hotel accommodations, which are about $400 US/night double occupancy for one of the 80 rooms. Spa treatments cost about $125 US and range from facials and anti-cellulite treatments to acupuncture. But the freshly prepared food and atmosphere with dining al fresco are uncomparable at any price.

Fonteverde Spa Resort; Tel: +39-0578-57241.

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