It’s Good To Go Green :: With Freitag, You Can Look Waaay Cool, Too!

Check out the Freitag Website to see their latest messenger bags, artistically made out of durable recycled stuff like dirty vinyl truck tarps, seatbelts, and bicycle inner-tubes.

You can choose your bag two ways:
1.Do It yourself. Design your own bag. Just remember- it’s all your fault!
…or if there’s not a creative bone in your whole body then click on the:

2.WYSIWYG side…( What You See Is What You Get!)

Although the two brothers have been designing these bags for years, they just recently built their amazing flagship store in Zurich shown here.

True to their recycling mantra, FREITAG’s new shop is completely built from recycled freight-containers, which were gutted, reinforced, piled up and secured. These “building blocks” are stacked beside an elevated highway and railroad tracks and consist of 17 rusted shipping containers in a pile 85 feet high.

Freitag Shop Zurich
A: Geroldstrasse 17, Zurich, Switzerland
T: (41-43) 366-9520
W: www.freitag.ch

By Vagablond’s Token Redhead.

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