Isla Viveros: Paradise On Earth


Isla Viveros, situated approximately 45 miles west of Panama City, is the ultimate nugget of Panama. The unexploited province is free from whirlwinds and earthquakes and is an acme of luxury travel.
Spread in 1500 acres of land this resort has some more additions to it. Located in the middle of an archipelago, with island views all around, gives you the perfect scenic view. Jack Nicklaus has designed the environment friendly golf course. The marina with whales around for three months every year is placed in one of the best boating and fishing areas.
Placed in the midst of nature’s paradise, this place is an ecstasy from every angle. From the trendy properties to the breath-taking view of God’s creativity, this place has everything in it to make someone breathe again for nature.
“A beautiful destination off the beaten path, a safe country, first class amenities, large ocean or beachfront home very modern infrastructure, restaurants, bars, discotheques, commerce and of course high speed Internet and TV. This is all we propose and more,” says Maxim, the general manager of Grupo Viveros, the company behind development of this consign.


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  1. I think coming back to the city after a vacation in this place would be a big letdown. Taking a trip to this place is a luxury adventure travel that should be experienced at least once. Nature is truly wonderful and reviving. “God’s creativity”, very well put.

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