Isabella’s Islay sold at an eye-blogging amount of $6.2 million


Isabella’s Islay is now the most luxurious and exclusive whiskey on earth from the United Kingdom, made by Luxury Beverage Company which is already famous for producing the non-alcoholic beverage Ruwa. Isabella’s Islay is a perfect creation with a combination of British artistry and the expert touch of a jeweler. This decanter is made from English Crystals and then it is armored with twin bars of pure white gold. 8,500 bright diamonds and 300 rubies are inset on the white gold body to give a perfect embellishment to this luxury decanter. The whiskey is prepared in the Island of Islay. Casks are used for maturation to bring out the original flavor of this malt beverage without adding any color or additives. Sweet and fruity nose with an aroma of eucalyptus and peats oozes out in pure luxury from this stone studded stunning bottle to meet the thirst of every whisky aficionado who is rich enough to afford this exclusive whiskey, sold at an eye-blogging amount of $6.2 million.


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