Portable iPod Power: iGO Mobility Devices

Do you have an iPod? A PDA? Cell phone? Laptop? You should hook up with the folks at iGO Mobility Devices. This Texas-based company offers a wide range of rechargeable devices to power and charge just about any mobile device, from Blackberrys to notebook computers, mobile phones, handheld PDFAs, digital camera, MP3 players and more.

Their newest device, the iGO everywherepower 15 costs $60 and lets you charge your mobile device by switching connector tips. New tips cost just $10 each.

iGO says their devices save you money, help you carry less stuff, and — get this — let you recharge multiple devices at the same time with wall, auto or airline power sources. They offer about 10 products, so check them out: iGO Mobility Devices

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