If you love art you’ll love the Henry Jones Art Hotel


Situated on the Hobert’s waterfront area, where the jam factory once stood is the renowned art hotel, The Henry Jones Art Hotel, which reveals historic Tasmanian artwork in its every corner. This heritage building has been carrying its history since 1820 and the glorious building still houses historic warehouses inside it which have now been transformed into chic havens. The entire hotel is embellished with the fusion of nature, art, heritage and tradition. More than 300 artworks enhance the beauty of this historic building in its exterior as well as the interior. There are 56 rooms and suites which are all decorated in a unique style and are furnished with timber and exotic trapeze lighting, which reveals the royalty of the place. The sandstone walls carry the heritage of this century old place with king sized beds covered with silk covers. All the accommodations offer upscale lifestyle and utmost luxury and comfort to satisfy the needs of the guests staying here.

Via www.thehenryjones.com

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