The End of The Dreaded Plastic Wine Glass?

broken glassThe Welsh are working hard at developing a wine glass that won’t break. We already have Pyrex containers, you know the kind, but so far they are clunky and far from delicate. This particular group of scientists are bent on recreating the same properties, but in a finer and more crystalline variety. This means that you could have your party, or your barbeque in the backyard, and not to have to watch like a lynx for expensive wine glasses left teetering on the rim of a plant container. Or, even worse, serve your guests the wonderful wine in plastic (gasp!) glasses. Note from the editor: please don’t serve wine in plastic glasses! Anyway, here’s the article, let’s hope the unbreakable wine glass is on its way to a store near you. icWales – Welsh wonder – the unbreakable wine glass

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