Hot Wheels: Scott Speed’s Squadra Piloti

Have you ever driven a Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini? Wouldn’t you love to rent one when you travel somewhere? Now, you can…

Scott Speed’s Squadra Piloti is a national club that gives car enthusiasts access to virtually any car that they want to drive. Their members own some incredibly hot wheels, which constitute the largest network of high-end cars across the US.

Squadra Piloti connects enthusiasts in local areas, bringing together reputable automotive aficionados who share a passion for driving. Registration is FREE, simple and involves only three easy steps:
1. Tell them about your cars,
2. Tell them about yourself, and
3. Pick what cars you’d like to drive.

Best of all, there is no cost or limit to the number of cars you select to drive, and you can modify your choices at any time.

By the way, who’s Scott Speed? He’s the first American driver in Formula One since Michael Andretti drove for McLaren in 1993.
A: 91 Sidney Street, Suite 715, Cambridge, MA 02139.
E: [email protected].

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