Hong Kong’s Flavor: The Green T. House


The Green T. House located in Hong Kong is a luminary attraction because of its fabulous signature theme that is Tea. Getting inside the Green T. House is just like walking inside the world of sword-fighting novels. The interiors have got a very authentic and a classy look. The appearance and feel is unfailing with the other Green T. House established in China. The walls are whitewashed with wooden furnishing, which is inspired by the Warring States-period architecture, and Zen-like minimalist touches are infused with it.

The owner of Green T. House, Zhang Jin Jie, garnered a filament of accolades, including “Beijing’s Queen of Style” and also “China’s Newest Kitchen Goddess”.

To suit the integral Chinese culture, Zhang chose tea as the main theme for her place. The uniqueness of this place lies in the dishes served here, which are often tea-inspired, sometimes even keeping the flavor of tea in the dish. One creative part that catches the eyes is the poetical menu cards. Green T. House is definitely the place, which not only relish the taste, but even the spirit of new china.

Via: luxury-insider.com

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