Help for the Hopelessly Lost: TomTom GO 300

Are you geographically challenged? Probably not as much as I am. If I bought the TomTom GO 300 –– called ” the smartest portable car navigator” –– I could ensure domestic tranquility whenever driving with my spouse… and not have to ask anyone for directions.

This compact, portable GPS device offers these benefits:
• Just plug in, switch on & GO: no installation or activation necessary;
• Simple touch-screen operation;
• Door-to-door navigation: detailed maps of your region;
• Itinerary planning: plan your trip by defining multiple waypoints and destinations;
• Clear, accurate turn-by-turn voice instructions…

• Speaks more than 30 languages in over 50 voices;
• A choice of routes: quickest, shortest or avoiding toll roads and congestion charge areas;
• Easy to take from car to car;
• Crystal-clear 3D graphics, and more.

The cost? £ 369.99 (about $740 US).
Get more info and order: strong>TomTom

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