Have Ferrari, Will Travel: Red Travel, Turin

Most of us know someone who flew to Europe, bought a new BMW, Mercedes, VW or Volvo there, drove it around, then had it shipped home. But if you just want the thrill of seeing Italy and getting your adrenaline rush through the windshield of a new red Ferrari, you can get a self-driving tour from Red Travel, based in Turin.

The one- to eight-day tours offer the chance to drive thorugh Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany at speeds up to 350 km per hour (about 215 mph), provide top-notch accommodations, include a spa in Val d’Orcia, and more.

Prices? For a four-day Rome to Siena round-trip, the cost is 4,300 Euros per person (equal to $5,675 per person). But you must deposit 15,000 Euros on the car. Afraid your luggage won’t fit in the Ferrari? No worries. Red Travel offers a tour manager who leads the way in an Alfa Romeo with your bags. You just put the petal to the medal and follow it.

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  1. My wife and I had tried that experience, we rented a Ferrari California and had Red Travel organize us a tour of the northern lake region of Italy and Venice.
    It was amazing, the quality of the service and the experience of driving such a car was fascinating. I think there’s no better way of visiting Italy.
    Thumbs up for Red-Travel

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