Have A Tour Of A Roman Abbey in The House of Remy Martin


If you are searching for a perfect getaway for a long tranquil weekend, then visit The House of Remy Martin where they offer personalized tours around their estate and vineyards at the heart of Cognac. This place was founded in 1724 by a young and ambitious winegrower. This House gives you the chance to experience latest activities whilst taking in the stunning scenery, and later on taste the delectable food they have to offer. It is simply an ideal place to unwind.

To make the trip extra-special, you can personalize your tour accordingly. This place provides opportunity to have a private breakfast in the vineyard, to tours of the cellar where you can participate in a workshop to blend some of the prized eaux-de-vie to make your own cognac. A spendthrift dinner at Le Grollet, the family residence, is also on offer.

Philippe Saint Romas, The House’s new chef, who has previously worked for the most prestigious locations, creates an amazing menu.

The House of Remy Martin has loads to offer! You can have a tour of a Roman Abbey, a ride in a horse drawn carriage, a musical evening and even go sailing on a barge on the Charente. It all sounds so romantic! A great place to take loved ones. This is a perfect place for someone who appreciates finer things in life.

Via: lussorian.com

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