Has the Pike Place Market Gone Cheesy? :: Seattle

I’ve often felt that the Pike Place Market in Seattle has gotten increasingly cheesy over the years — actually ever since the world famous fish-tossing began. As a leading tourist destination, annually drawing
9 million people from all over the world who come here to buy fresh produce, seafood, or just gawk, it’s not hard to understand why all the “showmanship.” I do miss the old days, when it really was all about the wonderful food and fascinating vendors… geeze, next I’ll be telling you about how I used to trudge 10 miles in the snow to buy a bag of groceries!

Anyhow, next month, the market is going cheesy in a Good Way. The Seattle Cheese Festival will return for the third year, May 18-20th. As artisanal cheese production grows, so does the festival! Come taste more than 200 cheeses from local and international producers along the cobblestone street of Pike Place Market. The Seattle Cheese Festival is the first of its kind on the West Coast with artisanal cheese at center stage.

There is an amazing roster of speakers giving seminars and tastings from the Terroir of Cheese in France over to Italy, which will be well represented by Giovanni Guffanti, a fifth-generation cheese maker who will share all of his insights on the range of Italian cheeses.

Of course, great Pacific Northwest and West Coast cheeses will be highlighted and there will be many local cheesemakers on hand to talk about their wares. Also being offered are a variety of cooking classes at local restaurants and a movie entitled “The Cheese Nun�? featuring Sister Noella Marcellino will be in town for the festival showing the story of her time in France as a Fulbright scholar studying cheese making. There will also be ongoing chef demos and wine and cheese tastings.

To register for a seminars or cooking classes go to www.seattlecheesefestival.com/seminars/index.html.

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