Happy & Horrid Holiday Travel Memories From Vagablond Bloggers, #3 in a series

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times…

Here is the second of many holiday highs and lows of our travels during this festive season. This one’s from Gil, Vagablond Lead Writer.

Best of Times:
– Spending my wife’s birthday in London and Christmas Day in Paris with our daughter last year.
– Gargling with Coca-Cola instead of using tap water to brush my teeth as a kid in Acapulco.
– Seeing Honolulu lit up with fireworks from a Waikiki rooftop on New Year’s Eve.

Worst of Times:
– Being snowed in without enough food for five days, including Christmas Day, in Lake Tahoe.
– Having a six-hour layover in Philadelphia instead of three hours.
– Getting stung by a jellyfish on the leg in Acapulco.

Do you have some happy or horrid memories you’d like to share? Please do let us know!

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