French Wine :: Shanghai, China

As imported wines take hold in China, it seems like new wine stores spring up in most neighborhoods that support a population looking for more than a bottle of Great Wall or Dynasty to compliment dinner. Each wine store tries to differentiate itself from the others in a variety of ways; the new addition to this market, tucked away on Dagu Lu is Vins Descombe. This new store successfully separates itself from the pack by narrowing the field. Vins Descombe (372 Dagu Lu) concentrates its effort solely on French wine, the forte of the owner and importer Claudia Ebert-Pecqueur.

This wine store holds periodic wine tastings to school attendees on different aspects of French wine regions and vineyards. The most recent tasting was held on Saturday, June 23rd. The tasting featured three whites and five reds from Burgundy. The tasting was accompanied by snacks to make it feel like a relaxed social affair on a summer night as much as an educational event. Participants enjoyed their glasses on the street side deck while learning about the wines they were experiencing. Claudia’s expertise along with her knowledgeable staff makes this store a good reference for those looking for more classical wines in saturated Shanghai market

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  1. I would heartily agree with the prior comment. Was just in China last week and had a taste of this Great Wall stuff. Beware! It’s quite awful.

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