Handbag Heaven for Shopaholics: Bag, Borrow or Steal

We’ve all leased cars, rented apartments or NetFlixed DVDs. Now you can rent your next upscale handbag by the month. And no, we’re not kidding…

A site called Bag Borrow or Steal™ offers three levels of memberships to women who just can’t live without the latest JLo or designer handbag:
• You have access to everything in the Trendsetter virtual store for $19.95 a month; or
• You can access everything in the Princess and Trendsetter groups for $49.95 a month; or
• You can shop the Diva, Princess and Trendsetter handbags for $99.95 a month.

There are no time limits on borrowing. Six months, a year, whatever. As long as your credit card charges, you can bag and brag all you want. Check it out: Bag Borrow or Steal™.

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