Green Is The New Black :: Recycling Creates Green Fashions

We’ve all worn clothes that we’ve found in our parents’ closets. My daughter is carrying on the tradition with some of my t-shirts and some of my wife’s sweaters.

But now, some fashion-forward folks are going one step further. They’re creating “rethreads.” Diane Osgood of the Business for Social Responsibility in San Francisco comments on this new trend, “in recycling, if you can use a material without transforming it radically, that’s good. That’s the first goal, reuse.”

One such link is Ekologic, a 99% recycled line of clothes which was launched by New York designer Kathleen Tesnakis about a decade ago. She focuses on reworking cashmere and other natural fiber fabrics.

Other companies known for recycling are:
• Nike — since 1993, it’s recycled shoes into Nike Grind.
• Patagonia — since 2005, it’s recycled Capilene baselayer long underwear, but plans to recyle all its Polartec fleece garments, cotton T-shirts and other products by 2010.


Posted by Gil Zeimer on April 16, 2007 in Shopping

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