Grab the World’s Costliest Baked Potato


You cannot stop a foodie from experimenting with cuisines. Food lovers across the globe like it when their food tastes good and smells awesome. However, if you are looking to have a baked potato that costs you huge amounts, then you could consider tasting one such item at Cary Arms in England. The uniqueness of this cuisine comes from the flesh of the potato mixed with rich cream, chives, spring onions and lemon with caviar topping. To make it more appealing, special attention is given to the presentation style of the dish.

The baked potato is then served on a wooden board along with roasted tomatoes and salad. A glass of champagne is offered along with the baked potato as well. This dish can be enjoyed for 60 dollars at the Devon County in England. What is also interesting to note is that this dish has been ordered one more time after the Chef at Cary Arms prepared it for the first time.


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