Gold lunch box, Osechiriyori priced at $234,000


People who have lived on this earth with a silver spoon in their mouths can afford to spend $234,000 to have a grand meal from a luxurious and elegant lunch box. To celebrate the 180th anniversary of Japanese company, Takashimaya in grand style, this departmental store has introduced a three storey lunch box, Osechiriyori. This magnificent lunch box is made of 18 carat gold and weighs 3.35kg. Limited editions of only three lunch boxes are available for buyers.  Moreover, even if you are not a lucky buyer, you can also enjoy the experience of having a meal from this lunch box because Takashimaya Restaurant located in New York is serving an expensive and authentic Japanese meal worth $168 from this gold lunch box to mark the celebration of the anniversary this New Year.


Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on January 28, 2012 in Shopping

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