Go Fish: Grand Turk Heineken Game Fishing Tournament

The 9th Annual Grand Turk Heineken Fishing Tournament is coming up again this August. The Turks and Caicos Islands are known for some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, pristine coral reefs, diving, vacation rentals and offshore investments. But this tournament is all about fishing.

Compete with other fishermen for prizes for the largest fish caught and most weight of a fish caught. A $100,000 US prize goes to the one who can catch a Blue Marlin exceeding 436 pounds.

I’ve been to neighboring Provodenciales to scuba dive, one of the eight major islands in the Turks and Caicos group. The islands are dry and arid, but surrounded by shallow, warm, 80-degree Caribbean waters. The locals are friendly. The resorts, top notch. And the islands lie 575 miles southeast of Miami, about 40 miles south of the Bahamas, and are just north of the Dominican Republic and Cuba. More info: 1.649.946.2321 or Grand Turk Heineken Fishing Tournament.

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