Give your Vacation a Different Meaning While staying at luxurious Imperial Suite at Park Hyatt, Vendôme in Paris


Hyatt has a history of past fifty years for providing luxury accommodation in some of the beautiful places across the world. It will offer you hospitality with a difference. If you wish to give your vacation a different meaning altogether, then stay in the Imperial Suite at Park Hyatt, Vendôme in Paris. You need to pay $20,000 a night to enjoy the luxury.

This awesome suite is located on the fifth floor of the hotel. It offers you 200 square meter of room with a beautiful balcony that overlooks the grand Rue de la Paix. You can even see the majestic Vendome column from your room. This Imperial Suite of the Park Hyatt has high ceilings that remind you of ancient palatial structures of the royalty. It also has a mansard roof, kitchenette, bar, and a dining room. A spa with whirlpool bath, a built-in massage table and steam room shower with all other amenities will offer the world-class luxury within that single suite.


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