Get lost in the beautiful vineyards of Kempinski Giardino di Constanza


Swaying in the breeze of the shimmering Mediterranean Sea, Hotel Kempinski Giardino di Constanza nestles in the midst of olive groves and acres of vineyards in the landscaped parks surrounded by the fountains and other water features overlooking the country side of ancient Sicily. The luxurious coastal resort is a low, flat roofed white haven which offers the most peaceful and luxurious lifestyle to its guests. The surrounding private garden is manicured in Arabian style with tiled fountains, an ancient irrigation system, and beautified with the fragrant roses, lemon and orange trees. All the 91 spacious rooms (including the 13 elegant suites) are decorated by traditional Moorish style and architecture. The rooms are embellished with bright colors and the royalty in the atmosphere is enhanced by the antiques and wooden hues scattered everywhere. In the midst of this decoration, the ivory sheets catch everybody’s attention. The Penthouse Suite is the most precious destination of the luxurious holiday destination where comfort is uncompromised throughout its 130 sq. m. area which overlooks the magnificent garden terrace on the salient landscape of Sicily.


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