From Bags to Riches :: The Discount Luxury Handbag Dot Com makes a great little Cinderella story. Here you are, decked out in that little black dress that fits so well that no one will suspect it came from Nordies rack… slipping on a fun little sandle that will pass all but the closest inspection, ready to go to that Musuem Opening, Opening Night at the Opera, or a Film Festival gala… and then you reach for your everyday handbag. Oops… just killed that haute dream.

Yet, with designer handbags running well over $1000, it’s not easy to pull off a finished look. A fantastically clever Website, B 2 R solves the $$$ handbag problem by offering monthly rentals! In an easy little 3 step process all youhave to do is:
1.Sign up & Browse through our collections and find the handbags that you like.
2. Check out, and in just two days your bag arrives at your door!
3. Return bag by specified date in the prepaid return carton and label is provided.

The Bags to Riches Website offers a large variety: from classsic Chanel to trendy pink Juicy.

Pictured above: Chanel Large Quilted Tote, $299.95 for a mone-month rental
Juicy Couture Velour Fluffy Baby Bag, $34.95

By Vagablond’s Token Redhead.

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