Fresh Fish, Favorite Bistro: La Fontaine, Budapest

My friend Monique chimes in from Budapest on one of her favorite restaurants: La Fontaine. “It is not very well known,” she says, “but it’s a neat, very romantic bistro where you get personalized attention, delicious food and fresh fish sometimes flown in from France. My Dad and his wife went there as well as my brother and all loved it.”

That’s good enough for me. La Fontaine is a traditional brasserie, bar, cafe, restaurant and bistro all rolled into one, reminisent of a Paris. This restaurant oozes Gallic charm, chic sophistication and its giant bar hewn from a single oak tree dominates the four-tabled cafe-bar area.

The restaurant offers good soups, salads and pates, as well as steak, salmon and many fresh ingredients. Quality French and Hungarian wines start at HUF 1900.

A: Merleg utca, 10, District V, Budapest, Hungary
Open Monday to Saturday, from 1900 to 2300,
Business lunches, business meetings or other events can be organized at lunch time by special order.
Fresh seafood, delivered three times a week.
Menu changes daily.
Table reservations: 317 37 15, ou 06 20 9 703 875

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