French Quarters: Cafe Du Monde Reopens in New Orleans

For 153 years, the French Quarter’s Cafe du Monde has been known for its hot, French-style, powdered-sugar covered beignet doughnuts, its rich, dark-roast, chicory-laced coffee and its round-the-clock service to the breakfast and hangover crowds in New Orleans. Now, its original Jackson Square venue is set to open next Wednesday after being closed since August 27 because of Hurricane Katrina –– with a cleaned up restaurant and upgraded kitchen appliances

One of the most delicious breakfasts I’ve ever eaten was right here. With the teeming patio crowd, steamy morning weather and laid-back atmostphere, a bite and a sip here at the Cafe du Monde is no better way to greet the day.

Generations of New Orleans residents grew up blowing powdered sugar onto their date’s tuxedo after a prom or during a night of carousing. The original recipe of fried fritters, sometimes filled with fruit, was brought to Louisiana by the Acadians. Today, the beignet is a square piece of dough, fried, covered with powdered sugar, and served in orders of three.

Cafe du Monde now has seven locations throughout New Orleans. You can find each one at their nicely designed Web site or call them at 1-800-772-2927.

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